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Where are you watching the game? (Broward County, FL)


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Mine did too. Some fish are probably enjoying the game at my expense. I'm hoping to get it repaired in time for the Giants game, but I was told it could be several weeks at least.

If you want to take a bit of a drive, the Palm Beach Ale House is headquarters to the Palm Beach County Redskins and I'd wager it's the best place to watch a Skins game outside of the DC area.

Take I-95 N to the Palm Beach Lakes exit and go west about a mile. You'll be glad you did. We have quite a crew there. I used to live in Coral Springs and don't know that there are any dedicated Redskins bars down that way.

I'm hoping Fox will pick up the game since Tampa is our "local" NFC team so I could stay home and enjoy it in HD. If not, I'll see you there until my dish gets fixed.

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