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Unfortunately, I'm not going to the opener, like some of you lucky people. But, with all of this talk recently, and Lavar bringing up the 12th man factor reminded me of something.

I recently watched some of the old games from the '91 season and noticied, particularly in the Superbowl in Minnesota, when the Redskins scored, you could loudly and clearly hear the words, each and every word, to "Hail to the Redskins" after every score.

What is impressing about that is that probably half of that staduim at the Superbowl were occupied by Bills fans, and you could still hear it that loud.

This is how Fed Ex needs to be this week and this year.

Can you imagine how pumped players will be hearing how loud the fans can be for them, and the fans proudly singing their fight song. - This is the kind of thing that can make some of these players realize what it means to be part of this organization, and to be a Redskin. :helmet:

...I'll be there for Dallas, and promise to do my part:D

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Originally posted by Mr. S

one way to solve the loudness problem, FREE BEER!!!

Give everyone 1-2 beers for free upon arrival, calculate the higher level in sound and I dont think anyone would be disappointed.

Good Idea, I just don't see it happening.

I too will be there for the Dallas game, and will do all that I can.

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