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Tailgate Party


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Just wondering if there is a place in the parking lot in the Purple section that I can stop by and say hello on Sunday. I will have my 9 y/o with me so I'm looking for something that won't leave him scared for life. :D Since I am flying down from NY I won't be able to bring food or drinks but I will be more than happy to chip-in for it. :helmet:

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skin-n-ny , i'm gonna be in the blue lot 10 right across from the big blue and white church close to the port-a pots ( ladies prefer that location ,can't hold their water long):laugh:

any extreme member is more then welcome to stop by . we arrive when the gate opens and stay until 30mins. before the start of the game . so feel free if you'd like :cheers:

:ravensuck :dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

your 9 yr old wil be safe with our group , we just watch the others get crazy , and there are plenty ;)

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