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2005 Madden league PS2....


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I wanna start a league we can play 1 or 2 games a week depending on you guys. Then following a season where everyone plays atleast 1 time we will have a single elimination playoffs. The seeding will be set by records with homefield for the higher seed.

We can keep this thread if allowed and maybe has a sticky to report all game scores. This will be a straight NFL sim style league no BS. No running the same 1-2 plays over and over all game. No audibleing into goaline from 3,4,5 wr's lets keep it realistic. If you wanna run jumbo with a OL at Te you can but it'll kill your passing to him. If you disconnect you lose unless your opponent will play you again thats thier call.

I wanna get atleast 6-8 people who can commit to playing every week to keep things running smoother. Once you guys commit I will post all rules and scheduling. You can play has different teams every week its your call.

Who's in?

My handle is runwild26

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We can have a rule if you used the Skins againest your opponent in the regular season meeting then he gets the call if you meet again in the playoffs. I play with the Skins but can play with alot of teams it really should'nt be a problem.

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