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as with everything else in life, this game is about winning and losing. you win and people call you demanding and disciplined. you lose and they call you a control-freak and a meddler.

so much for George Seifert and Dick Vermeil having all the answers this season.

if these longstanding football coaches and recent GM's have made some mistakes along the way, it is only natural a 36 year old owner would have as well.

Norv Turner was the greatest blight on this team in 25 years.

His record was poor, his teams were undisciplined and his abiity to inspire was right up there with Al Gore's. In fact getting him to have a press conference or interview where he didn't stammer or answer in incomprehensible half-sentences was a battle all of its own.

Norv's Formula: Preparation + Competition = Close loss 20-17 to a sub. 500 rival.

Not acceptable.

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maybe it was his stomach that was booming, I bet he hadn't eaten since he stopped for those big bites from 7-11 on the way to the interview. Can't expect the man to go without food for a whole 45 minutes!


<IMG SRC="http://www.angelfire.com/or/morethanmeetstheeye/images/tf_spin.gif" border=0>

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Actually, for a King article on Snyder, this was pretty benign. He didn't twist any Snyder quotes with a negative spin, and pretty much let the man speak for himself. The last part, about Snyder learning and not doing things in a knee-jerk manner may be old news to us, but it marks a sea change in the perception of Snyder in the national media.

I'll bet you never see Zimmerman write an article as fair as this.

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I agree with Fitz in that I kind of liked this article. Its about as good as you will see with any of the "big-name" NFL writers printing anything positive about Snyder. I also got a chuckle out of the part where he described some of the players that now hate him!

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