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Redskin Trivia Poll (25june)


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Game three 2003: The Redskins (2-1) tied a team record with 17 penalties, losing for the first time this season. They persevered and erased a 21-3 halftime deficit, finally getting even on kicker John Hall's 33-yard field goal with 13 seconds remaining in regulation. But the Giants (2-1), who rebounded from a deflating overtime defeat to the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night, won the coin toss in overtime and moved from their 6-yard line to the Redskins 9 before handing the game to Bryant, who came through after holder Jeff Feagles handled a low snap.

This was a pretty ugly game, especially with all the stupid penalties. There were however some bright spots that we can look forward to seeing again in the coming seasons. Yeah-yeah, it was just the Giants but the Skins were able to get things together and tie the game up to send it to overtime. That included a necessary two-point conversion with under three minutes to play to bring it within 3. Who caught the two-point conversion with under 3-minutes to play (see diagram below)?

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i voted DMAC, i can almost see it happening... i remember how pissed i was, because (if my memory serves right) this was a 4pm game and i had an 8pm start time, meaning i had to leave to get to work with a couple of minutes left in the game. i ended up driving in to work and getting stuck in traffic and was so happy because i was able to listen to the conclusion on the radio... i was honking my horn with the tying FG, and proudly flying my Skins flag on the car....

then we had to lose and i had to take a bunch of **** from Giants fans at work... we are allowed to wear football jerseys on sundays, and i always wear my Jansen throwback, so i was easy to find and get ragged on...

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