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AP: With workouts finished, Gibbs finally gets a rest


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With workouts finished, Gibbs finally gets a rest


ASHBURN, Va. (AP) -- Vacation time finally has arrived for head coach Joe Gibbs, who will get his first serious downtime since returning to the Washington Redskins five months ago.

"Hold grandbabies," Gibbs said Tuesday, outlining his plans for the next few weeks. "Going to hit the beach some, kind of get away."

Gibbs has been working his players hard in the classroom and on the field for about 12 weeks, teaching them his play book so that they can hit the ground running when training camp opens July 31. Gibbs is starting camp as late as possible to cut down on his players' wear and tear late in the season.

"Until now it's just been helmets, and the most important thing is to get those pads on and start hitting people," Gibbs said. "The good news is, when we show up, we've got a short period of time, and the players are going to be excited. Bad news is, we've got a week, and we're ready to play a game."

Gibbs announced that training camp practices will be open to the public through Aug. 12, which would give the fans more access than he had indicated previously. Fan appreciation day is Aug. 7, two days before the preseason opener in the Hall of Fame game against Denver in Canton, Ohio.

To make sure everyone stays in shape, Gibbs had each player take a strenuous treadmill test before leaving for vacation. If anyone slacks off, it will be easy to detect.

"A guy in those four weeks, he'd have to be an idiot not to be working out," Gibbs said. "You can't afford to come to camp and be out of shape."

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