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Pre Season Games

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New season ticket holder this year, and was wondering everybody's opinion on pre-season games.

Realize there's a new feeling around here nowadays, but I'd still consider the return of Coach to be Sept. 12th, not Aug. 14th

Just wondering:

How many go?


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Stadium usually is at 70/80% capacity. I'd say this preseason will be 90% or so.

I've pondered this a couple times and as nice as it would be to be there when he comes out for the Carolina preseason game(his return to the Skins), and it may hit the low 100s on the decibel meter, when he comes out a month later for the season opener against Tampa, we may be approaching the 120s+.

It will be mad loud.

The only real debate is what will be louder Gibbs taking the field Sept 12th or Sept 27th.

As Nick Bakay would say...you won't be able to hear yourself think either time so it is a....PUSH!

Provided my son or daughter cooperates and arrives as scheduled, I'll be at the Carolina game. If not, no biggie. Just let me be there on the 12th and 27th.


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New season ticket holder myself. But I've been buying season tickets for the last 5 years off of friends. Even though the game may not "mean" anything as far as the standings go, I always go to the preseason games.

Not only does it give the team a chance to warm up, it give me and my friends a chance to warm up for tailgating season.

You have to get your route in the grocery store planned out as to not waste time, find a good section to park in for the year, and figure out what can be cooked with enough time to make introductions.

It's a win-win for everyone.

(Plus Gibbs is back, wouldn't miss that first game for anything)

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YOu've got to remember than Gibbs's teams never played overly well in the pre-season. While I wouldn't pass up any oppurtunity to watch the Skins, and Coach, I wouldn't worry too much about not being there for the pre-season games.

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As a season ticket holder, the pre season don't mean anything in the standings, but if the Skins suit up and play football, that counts to me, so that is why I go to pre season games.

And to anwser your question, Skip, 8/14 might be the first time Gibbs steps back onto the field, but 9/12 is when it really counts as his first.

I know there will not be a dry eye in the house when that happens..

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