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I am trying to collect every Redskin football card every made. I am 85% complete from 1949 to 2000. I have some holes mostly in the 50's and 60's and 2000's. I want to trade, I have a lot of baseball and other football. I take any condition, any brand also oddballs. Tell what you have and what I can trade you. Send me PM please.

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Hi Yes every card. Except for a few early years with Leaf, Bowman and Fleer, its mostly Topps till the 90"s. Then it got alot more expensive with so many brands. Throw in oddball cards and its a huge collection, and its not even done.

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Does anyone have extras of the following cards? Let me know! Thanks

Mike Bass 73 Topps #419

Don Bosseler 58 Topps #132

Bill Brundige 71 Topps #216

Ken Harvey 90 Proset #257

Ron McDole 65 Topps #38

Harold McLinton 76 Topps #251

Wayne Millner 52 Bowman #57

Brig Owens 67 Philadelphia #187

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