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PDN: Eagles keeping eyes on NFL's waiver wire


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Eagles keeping eyes on NFL's waiver wire

They have added Jevon Kearse, Terrell Owens and Jeff Blake so far.

The New York Giants signed Kurt Warner, the Dallas Cowboys signed Vinny Testaverde, and the Washington Redskins said good riddance to Jeremiah Trotter.

It's expected the Tennessee Titans will part with Eddie George, who reportedly has told people he would like to play for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ah, yes, the Eagles. After a winter that included the acquisitions of Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse, all they've done in recent weeks is sign one-time All-Pro quarterback Jeff Blake as insurance in case Donovan McNabb gets hurt or they don't see the right things from Koy Detmer.

They are monitoring other team's moves, however, Eagles coach Andy Reid said during the three-day passing-oriented minicamp that concluded Friday.

''I'm not going to go into all the the released players, or who we're going to go after or not go after,'' Reid said. ''We keep our eyes open to all of them and go from there.''

The Eagles took that approach two summers ago, when they signed linebacker Levon Kirkland and, just before the season opener, added wideout Antonio Freeman.

So far, with some big names out there, all the Eagles have done lately is sign Blake.

But free safety Brian Dawkins said he found significance in even that relatively minor move.

''I was elated,'' Dawkins said. ''He's one of the best deep-ball throwers I've faced. And he's another leader in the locker room to replace the ones we've lost.

''Something's changed,'' Dawkins added. ''Before, we went out and got a guy like Jon . But now we're getting a big guy on defense , then a big guy on offense , and then another big name. And whether you or not, Blake is a big name.''

Blake's best years came in 1995 and 1996 with Cincinnati when he totaled 51 touchdown passes (with 31 interceptions). He played in the Pro Bowl following the '95 season.

At best, he will challenge Detmer for the primary backup role, but a big plus in Detmer's favor is the fact he has worked so well as the holder for David Akers' placement kicks.

Lurking in the background, however, are memories of 2002, when injuries to Blake and Detmer left since-traded No. 3 quarterback A.J. Feeley as the starter.

''That's fresh in my mind,'' Reid said, despite the fact the Eagles went 4-1 with Feeley as the starter.

Blake, who started 13 games last season for the Arizona Cardinals, knows where he fits into the equation.

''I'm here to help Donovan and help the Eagles win the ultimate prize, which is the Super Bowl ring,'' Blake said. ''It takes depth to do that.''

If Blake sticks with the Eagles — and with sixth-round pick Andy Hall his only competition for the No. 3 spot at the moment — the Eagles will be with his sixth NFL team in 13 seasons.

''It's kind of hard to go out on top when you aren't with the right organization,'' Blake said. ''I'm going to play until they tell me don't come back.''

Stubborn Stambaugh: Although the signing of Blake meant former Pius X and Lehigh University quarterback Phil Stambaugh is now 0-for-6 in minicamp and training camp workouts with NFL teams, Stambaugh said he is looking for a seventh chance to make it in the league.

''I had a good week in camp and I was disappointed to be let go, but I don't really think, and my agent didn't feel, it had anything to do with me,'' Stambaugh said. ''Blake was available, so they picked him up.

''They told me I did a great job and that, if I had any other teams show interest, they would give me a good recommendation.''


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eddie george might not even win the starting job in philly, westbrook could easily beat him out for it... although that substitution thing they usually do there could satisfy him enough to go. I say go for it iggles he is old will cost a lot and your secondary still sux

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