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Anybody See Sellars Lately?


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Originally posted by Ford

Anyone else remember what a whiny, trash talking punk he was after he left and all the crap he said about the skins when he was a brown? Talkin bout how much better he had it and how great cleveland was till he effed that up and had to go play in canada ........ eh.

Now that you mention it I remember that very well. He was trash talking Marty after it came out that he was locking the players in their rooms in training camp and cut Larry Centers for wearing a hat in a meeting(how it was intially rumored)...Heck at that point I was trash talking Marty a little myself. Cleveland cut him after he was busted for possession:smoke: ...been in Canada ever since.

In Doc Walkers article about mini-camp, he mentioned how well he was running routes, quick of the snap he was and caught everything they threw at him. I think he has some serious potential, but I guess some people here don't like him.

I'll be surprised if he doesn't make the team. I bet Royal goes on the practice squad.

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Sellers is a heck of a talent, especially at H-Back, which looked to me like his natural position when he was here the first time. I think he may have made Dr. Z's All Pro team one year at FB, and that says a lot, considering Dr. Z hates everything burgundy and gold.

He was a beast of a blocker and had soft enough hands and enough agility to be a decent check off reciever. I liked him in the open field better than most of the Skins TEs I've seen (such as Warren, Middleton, Jenkins, Galbreath and Rasby). If he doesn't suffer some kind of mental meltdown, he will be a solid contributor this year.

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