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Bugel Story in Times Dispatch


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I looked to see if this was up and could not find it, so here it is:


Act II: Boss Hog knows his lines

Bugel's experience, approach are expected to aid offense's growth



No one doubts what Joe Gibbs can do for the Washington Redskins. His attention to detail, his ability to devise a winning game plan and milk the last ounce of talent out of his offensive players is the stuff of legend.

But for all the things Gibbs brings, the pivotal coach in this entire Redskins reclamation project might be Joe Bugel.

Bugel's official title is assistant head coach/offense. His actual job is to take an offensive line that all but tripped over its collective feet last season and turn it into an elite NFL unit.

If Bugel is successful, Redskins quarterbacks will have time to pass and running backs will have places to run.

Bugel is a larger-than-life figure in the eyes of many Redskins players and fans. He is the man who sculpted the original Hogs out of a collection of veterans, free agents and rookies, some high-round draft choices, some long shot college free agents.

Bugel first supplied the "Hogs" nickname, then helped turn them into one of the premier blocking units in the history of the NFL.

His forays into head coaching jobs, first with Arizona and later with Oakland, met with mixed success. But in many ways, Bugel is the perfect assistant. He is loyal, hard-working, dedicated, enthusiastic and is perfectly fine without the title of head coach.

He was in retirement, living in Phoenix, when Gibbs called one fateful night early in January.

"He asked me if I was interested in coming back, and I said, 'Only with you and only in the right situation,'" Bugel said. "When he said we're going home to Washington, it took me about five seconds to pack a toothbrush and two pair of underwear.

"My wife was happy. I don't know if it's because we're back with the Redskins or because she wanted to get rid of me."

Bugel is never out of ideas for ways to make his players better. He never is at a loss for words and will praise, cajole, criticize, correct and demand that players perform to their potential.

"He's a combination of Tony Soprano and Shakespeare," said Redskins center Cory Raymer. "He's like a 'mob' philosopher. He's a different kind of cat, in a good way.

"When a meeting is going on for two or three hours, he finds a way to keep it entertaining."

Redskins right tackle Jon Jansen said: "He accepts guys for what they are and what they've done. He has ideas for how things should be done. But if you're doing all right, he'll work with you."

Bugel already is at work on deciphering the strategies of the Redskins' opponents. When he began studying film from last season, Bugel immediately noticed the way Bill Parcells plays defense now that he is coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Bugel faced Parcells' defenses for years when Parcells was the head coach of the New York Giants.

"It used to be when you played [the Giants] it was your seven blocking their seven, and they played coverage [in the secondary]," Bugel said. "You could count on one hand the number of times they blitzed

"Now, Dallas has 11 men on the line of scrimmage, and they're blitzing. They're very aggressive and tenacious. That's the big difference in the league right now."

Bugel's enthusiasm for his work has not waned. But that does not mean he was sitting home, longing for a chance to return to the NFL.

"I did miss it, but I wouldn't have come back just to come back," Bugel said. "Coming back here, it's a calling."

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I'm so psyched that "Boss Hog" is back! It's nice to look at the O-Line coach & he doesn't have that bewildered look on his face like,"What are we doing wrong?" These next few seasons are going to be AWESOME!

I also like that he's already studying film from last season of Parcell's defense. He's not just talking about beating Dallas with idle threats & getting are hopes up. In fact, he never even mentions it, just that he's studying. I love that!


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I would say that someday, Bugel will be the rare assistant coach to have his name in our Ring of Fame. He's awesome at what he does, is loyal to the organization, and is a character to boot! I'm glad he's ours.

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