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'91 Skins vs. '03 Skins

41-10 '91 Skins

Trung had 7 carries, Betts had 6. Very accurate. (they had 78 total yards)

Coles 5 catches 70 yards 1 td

McCants 5 catches 70 yards

And of course the great Ade Jimoh had thier only int.

Rypien had 5 tds (all were within 10 yards, so I'm guess they just ran a boot leg over and over again). Three to Monk (who also had 8 catches for 77 yards), 1 to Byner, 1 to Ervins.

Byner ran for 153 yards on 31 carries.

Ervins ran for 135 yards on 18 carries.

This was an extremely accurate sim....

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