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CBS: Sparks flying as Cowboys prepare for draft


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Sparks flying as Cowboys prepare for draft

April 20, 2004

SportsLine.com wire reports


IRVING, Texas -- Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones were still feeling each other out last year as they prepared for their first NFL draft together with the Dallas Cowboys.

Things are a lot more volatile this time.

"Some sparks have been flying," Jones said.

Don't get the wrong impression, though.

Far from being the clash of egos that some believe is inevitable, Jones describes the talks as "meetings with a lot of energy," generating the kind of healthy debate necessary to maximize the 22nd overall pick and four others in this weekend's draft.

He also quickly notes that scouts, assistant coaches and others in the organization are all part of the conversations.

"We've had some really good discussions," Jones said. "I really do feel we know where the values are. We know which players we have a chance to get or to pass up. When you weigh all that, we really ought to do one of our best jobs this year."

The Cowboys have glaring needs at running back, offensive line, cornerback and defensive end.

Running back is the most sizzling issue because of the team's legacy at the position. The Cowboys had just two seasons between Tony Dorsett's last carry and Emmitt Smith's first; this will be their second without Smith.

This draft lacks a can't-miss running back prospect, but it's worth remembering that Smith was the 17th pick in 1990. He also was the second runner taken.

The top candidates this year are Steven Jackson of Oregon State and Kevin Jones of Virginia Tech. Chris Perry of Michigan is generally considered third best.

"There are probably six backs that can come in and make a contribution to the Cowboys in some manner," Jones said. "That's less likely to be on an every down basis, but they can come in this year and make a contribution."

New England probably helped Dallas' chances by acquiring Corey Dillon on Monday. The Patriots have the pick before the Cowboys and no longer need a running back.

Whoever carries the ball for Dallas would certainly be helped by improvements on the line. However, Jones labeled this one of the weakest drafts in years for offensive linemen.

The Cowboys could use upgrades at guard and tackle on the right side, and possibly left guard, too, considering the way things are going with longtime stalwart Larry Allen.

Allen has been given permission to try finding a new team and already has visited Oakland and Detroit. Even if Allen returns, he's not the dominant player he once was.

Jones said the Cowboys can't focus on filling positions because they own no higher than the 20th pick in any round. Dallas was no lower than eighth the last three years.

"At the top of the draft, players usually distinguish themselves. You can point to something a player can bring to a team," Jones said. "When you get to where we are, their differences become more marginal."

That's why it is so important that every player is thoroughly evaluated.

Jones believes the club has done a better job of that this year because Parcells hasn't been distracted by the startup issues he faced last year.

"We've got a good feel for the prototype of a player Bill and his staff prefer. That helps," Jones said. "Everyone is more candid and probably articulates their opinions better. I'd say there is less reservation on the part of any of our scouts or directors about disagreeing."

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"Everone's more candid" "probably articulates their opions better"

So in other words its the "normal" in yo' face cussing and swearing and slaming fists on the table and punching the cabana boy in the groin and spitting chew across the room, type of discussion! :laugh:

Jerrah's doing that marketing thing again. It's about that time to, so much like the other showman's, makes sure he gets some clippings in before Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, believe it or not, I get to go to a PowWow, with numerous tribes of Native Americans there and as an invitee!

They know I am a Washington Redskins fan and have no beef with that. :cool:

The type of people they are, are not concerned with games and the often viewed "funny" and strange names we give our teams, but what we give the earth and how we function spirituality. Do we tend "our gardens" that our flowers may grow, that cycle continues in tune with nature and respect our faith. Then play on. If not, seek help.

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And even thought the sorry ass Cowboys don't draft until #22, you watch, they will still have a damn camera there to show what's going on because ESPN has to keep right on worshipping at the alter of the Dallas Cowboys :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke:

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