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Make your own screensaver with photos and other cool pics........


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I was checking out the new updated Redskins.com and I found out that some of you had gotten the cool new wallpapers they had of players like Arrington, Coles, Ramsey, and Smoot

Well, I remembered that I have a program that lets you use cool pics like that as a screensaver as well. It's called gPhotoShop.

I ran a search and located the site from which you can download the free version of gPhotoShop freewear vesrion screensaver and make cool screensavers from any pics you have

Here is the site:


Hope you all enjoy :)

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Originally posted by TheKurp

If you have Microsoft XP you just simply point to an image on your harddrive to use as a wallpaper. For screensavers you just point to a directory of images. I.e., there's no conversion or program needed.

I forgot to mention that gPhotoShop will also let you add sounds to your screensaver, like if you are in an office cubical and your neighbor just happens to be a Cowboys fan, you can get yourself a copy of "Hail To The Redskins" to play every time your screensaver comes on

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