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A chicken and a horse are playing in a field. The horse falls into a mudpuddle and can't get out.

He tells the chicken to go get the farmer so he can pull the horse out. The chicken looks for the farmer but can't find him.

The chicken takes the keys to the farmer's mecedes and brings it to the horse. The chicken ties a rope to the bumper and pulls the horse out.

A few days later the horse and the chicken are playing in the field again, only this time the chicken falls in the mudpuddle.

He tells the horse to go get the farmer to get him out. The horse tells the chicken he has a better idea instead.

The horse stands over the chicken and tells him to grab his tool, and he will pull him out. The chicken did and pulled himself out.

The moral to the story is:

If you are hung like a horse, then you don't need a mercedes to pick up chicks!

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The country doctor was just returning from a delivery at an outlying

cattle ranch, when he crossed paths with the town's gossip.

"Doctor Wilson, how is the Smith baby?"

"Well, the child was born without a penis," the doctor said...

"Oh, oh my goodness!" said the gossip... and with a smile on her

face, she turned to head into town to spread the news.

Before she could take off to spread the news, the doctor quickly

grabbed her arm, bent his head over and whispered in her ear, "But she'll have a damn nice place to put one in 20 years!"

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