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10000 to 1 for the Redskins to win the Super Bowl

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Even with the incredible improvement in our coaching staff, these odds speak directly to the talent available on this team for Gibbs to work with.

Basically that it would take a miracle for these players to win even with Gibbs coaching...

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In setting lines, oddsmakers don't reflect what they think about a team, they reflect what they think the bettors do.

The oddsmakers are confident, as of February 4, 2004, that the average bettor views the Washington Redskins as "Dan Snyder" rather than "Joe Gibbs."

Only time will tell for sure, but my guess is you'll see those odds shrink by opening day.

Take the line now. :)

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Sheridan's odds.

10,000/1 did seem kinda silly.

He's actually got us at 50/1.


Super Bowl XXXIX: To win the 2005 Super Bowl

Closing Date: Feb 06, 2005 19:25 GMT -4

From the ALLTEL Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.

All bets are action regardless of team relocation or name change.

Option Win Odds

New England Patriots 9/2

Indianapolis Colts 6/1

Philadelphia Eagles 6/1

St Louis Rams 8/1

Carolina Panthers 10/1

Tennessee Titans 10/1

Denver Broncos 12/1

Kansas City Chiefs 12/1

Green Bay Packers 15/1

Miami Dolphins 15/1

Dallas Cowboys 20/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20/1

Atlanta Falcons 22/1

Seattle Seahawks 22/1

Baltimore Ravens 25/1

Minnesota Vikings 25/1

New York Jets 25/1

Cincinnati Bengals 33/1

New York Giants 33/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 33/1

New Orleans Saints 40/1

San Francisco 49ers 40/1

Buffalo Bills 50/1

Chicago Bears 50/1

Oakland Raiders 50/1

Washington Redskins 50/1

Cleveland Browns 66/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 66/1

Detroit Lions 80/1

San Diego Chargers 80/1

Houston Texans 100/1

Arizona Cardinals 150/1

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