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does this worry anyone?


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vinny is great at picking sure no brainer picks like arrington,samuels and ramsey--but out side of round 1 its ugly with him picking

look at this list of who he picked after he choose the no brainers in his 3 drafts he has run as a skins gm

handam-soon to be cut


dockerty-has potential


cartwright-good 7th round pick-

russell-? bust?

reggie coleman

greg scott-out of football

bernard jackson-cut

bauman-good nicle db

lott-will be cut

grau-out of football

fliemester-will be cut--was cut twice in nfl career already

mookie moore-out of football

tommy nash-out of football

jammie deese-out of football

ethan howell-out of football

jerry deloach-back up dt in houl

llyod harrison-out of football

eric whitfield-out of footba

i fear vinny running our draft--once he gets out of round 1 he seems clueless--he worries me alot picking our players!!!!!:doh:

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Gibbs and his staff will have a lot of say so about the players drafted. Some players on our team still haven't had the chance to succeed like Jacobs, Betts, and Lott. With a new coaching staff comes a better leadership. We had an inexperienced staff and the players didn't respect them. That's why are team was lousy the coaching was.

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Russell cannot be counted on. he's been hurt all the time. In fact drafting him that high was considered questionable as he was injury prone in college.

And since gibb's is not likely to keep 6 recievers, he's a long shot. Figure Coles, Gardner, McCants and Jacobs have the inside track for the top 4 slots.

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Hmm... those picks look pretty bad all bunched together like that.

McCants was a 5th round pick. He's been a nice find. But Vinny and Co have struggled outside of round 1. I expect that to change. The last few years have been a little better.

Clifton Smith is a find as an undrafted player.

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I am still trying to figure out some of these guys you posted about. I thought I was pretty well in tune with our roster, but some of those names, are either wrong, or I have a horibble memory. Anyways, here is every draft since 99.

Year No. Round Pick Player Name Position College

2003 1 2 12 44 Taylor Jacobs WR Florida

2 3 17 81 Derrick Dockery G Texas

3 7 18 232 Gibran Hamdan QB Indiana

2002 1 1 32 32 Patrick Ramsey QB Tulane

2 2 24 56 Ladell Betts RB Iowa

3 3 14 79 Rashad Bauman DB Oregon

4 3 22 87 Cliff Russell WR Utah

5 5 24 159 Andre Lott DB Tennessee

6 5 25 160 Robert Royal TE Louisiana State

7 6 20 192 Reggie Coleman T Tennessee

8 7 19 230 Jeff Grau TE UCLA

9 7 23 234 Gregory Scott DE Hampton

10 7 46 257 Rock Cartwright RB Kansas State

2001 1 1 15 15 Rod Gardner WR Clemson

2 2 14 45 Fred Smoot DB Mississippi State

3 4 14 109 Sage Rosenfels QB Iowa State

4 5 23 154 Darnerian McCants WR Delaware State

5 6 23 186 Mario Monds DT Cincinnati

2000 1 1 2 2 LaVar Arrington LB Penn State

2 1 3 3 Chris Samuels T Alabama

3 3 2 64 Lloyd Harrison DB North Carolina State

4 4 35 129 Michael Moore G Troy State

5 5 26 155 Quincy Sanders DB UNLV

6 6 36 202 Todd Husak QB Stanford

7 7 10 216 Delbert Cowsette DT Maryland

8 7 44 250 Ethan Howell WR Oklahoma State

1999 1 1 7 7 Champ Bailey DB Georgia

2 2 6 37 Jon Jansen T Michigan

3 4 12 107 Nate Stimson LB Georgia Tech

4 5 32 165 Derek Smith T Virginia Tech

5 6 12 181 Jeff Hall K Tennessee

6 7 11 217 Tim Alexander WR Oregon State

If you really want to compare Vinny to someone, compare him to Casserly. Vinny was far better, IMO.

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Oh and once Gibbs watches Hamden, he will be our next Stan or Trent Green. Someone who can sit back and learn, while being the #3 QB. He is also going to NFL Europe, I think, and will at the very least be around till the end of training camp. He has a much better chance of sticking than Hassleback because of his arm strength and size.

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Originally posted by fansince62

Rock will be a great special teamer! Not big enough for the power football Gibbs likes - just a spot change of pace kinda guy who doesn't have the speed for that sort of roll. If he makes the team it will be as a special teamer.

I read this a lot and don't understand it. Apparently no one realizes that Rock was the fastest player at the Combine two years ago. He just does not have the rep as a burner so everyone says he does not have the speed. Seems like I used to hear this about Davis too but not anymore. Rock is better than most think. I believe he was our best all around back this last year and deserves a shot at being the man this year.

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neo....although rock was used in a certain way - up the middle or off tackle - he clearly doesn't have the break-away speed one usually associates with a third down back. he's not an open-field runner who makes folks miss and then accelerates away. he's not big enough to be an effective blocker - you see him leading the charge up the middle and stuffing players 50-100 lbs heavier? I don't. And we all know how effecgive all the RBs were pass blocking. nope....I just don't see it. conceding that rock was the only back who reliably produced in short yardage situations last season - I don't see him winning out over Betts. They won't keep both guys as running backs. Rock's best chance is as a STer.

the dominant trend in the NFL these days is bigger, faster, taller. why it is that Vinny drafted several undersized folks over the last two years - people who may have been stellar athletes at the collegiate level - is beyond me.

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