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Wanted Sign, By Cowpuke Fans..


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Yep. sure nuff. The story No pic though.

Dalals (AP) - Washington coach Joe Gibbs is back and he's "wanted" by more than just Redskins fans.

A billboard along a Dallas highway points to the rivalry between the Cowboys and the Redskins - now that Gibbs has returned to the game.

Gibbs retired following the 1992 season, after leading the Redskins to three Super Bowl titles, but he returned as coach this month.

So, a Cowboys fan has paid to put up a billboard styled like a WANTED poster with Gibbs' photo. The message reads: "WANTED by Cowboys fans for conspiring against America's team."

The billboard company says the person who paid for the sign is a Cowboys fan, but his or her name was not revealed. WFAA TV in Texas reports the person who paid for the billboard is not Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.


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