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More fun with Reid


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Actually let us NOT poke fun. As it stands now the IGGLES have the worse set of recievers in the NFL. Keep talking and he may actually stop eating get pissed and go get a few quality recievers for McNabb. Also I notice they don't resign players because Reid takes that money and buys cattle and deep freezers!! As good a coach he claims to be I have no clue why you want an all star QB great backs and career #3 recievers. Run and shoot? for McNabb it's more like run and sh!t. I wonder how his ribs are??


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I don't a capologist has anything to do with why the Eagles won't go after TO -- they are cheap. Always have been always will be. At times, it's really helped them. At times -- as in their refusal to bring gamemaking WRs -- it's hurt them.

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