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Forget about drafting TE Kellon Winslow -- here is our TE

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Forget about drafting Kellon Winslow in the 1st round, o.k.? :laugh:

We draft DE Kenechi Udeze 1st; FS Stuart Schweigert or another DL 2nd; and TE Ben Watson below 3rd.

Watson is a Joe Gibbs type tight end. Intelligent (finance major) and he has a 565 lb. bench press. If this guy isn't a Don Warren clone, I don't know who is. And he is a better receiver then Don Warren was too. :)

Now you "draft Sean Taylor and Kellon Winslow guys" -- get off my back. :laugh:

TE - Ben Watson - 565 lb bench press

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Another good Tight End is Ben Hartsock of Ohio State!

I saw this guy play in one of them all-star games and he looks alot like what Gibbs would want.

He was All-Big Ten this year and has been a 4 time All-Big 10 Accedemic team.

Joe likes his players smart and this guy might be one of the smartest out there.

6-4 265 and ran good routes and blocked well in the game.

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Hartsock!! Hell yeah. I'm a Buckeye fan, so i see him play all the time. He's a REAL player unlike that so called "Soldier" form the U

I never wanted Winslow... u can look at all the archives and see how much i've been bashing him. I just don't think rookie DL's are the answer sorry...

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I concur with my fellow Michigan fan, Hartsock is a good player. I've seen him play a number of times and when OSU needed to be bailed out, he came up with a catch(AND RUN) that helped get them a first or even a TD.

Not that I'd complain about getting Watson either.

I just think people will be surprised that the can't miss Hall of Famers from Miami won't be the best players at their position in this draft class.

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Originally posted by johndevivi

we need a beast at Tight end

Actually, we don't need a beast at TE. We need a really smart guy with good blocking and solid receiving skills. Smarts are the most important quality in a Gibbs TE.

The only measurable that counts for a Gibbs TE is the Wonderlic intelligence score.

We're looking for a lunch pail smart guy like Jon Jansen. Not a "beast." :)

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