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One more time: Jason Peters, TE from Arkansas


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We've got to look at this guy. I don't know where he's projected to go, but the guy is huge, can block, and can actually do something in the passing game. Can you imagine this guy catching a hot read from Ramsey and running over a smallish linebacker or DB?


In the Huddle

By Chris Gibson, Contributing Writer

November 25, 2003

Arkansas tight end Jason Peters packs a punch.

Not because he's the single biggest threat for the Razorbacks figuratively, but because he might be literally.

Peters is a 6-foot-5, 320-pound tight end. He is third on Arkansas with 19 catches on the season for 201 yards and four touchdowns.

Linebacker Lionel Turner said it will be tough to take a guy Peters' size down.

"He's a pretty big fellow," Turner said. "[He's] kind of physical with the run blocking. It's going to be a task for us.

"[i never] played against someone that big that played his position. He's just like an extra offensive tackle that can run down the field and catch passes."

Peters is a converted defensive end and tackle. The irony of this is LSU defensive end Marcus Spears is a converted tight end.

"Oh yeah, Number 80," Spears said. "Last year he was about 300 [pounds].

"He's very mobile, and he's probably the toughest blocking tight end I've faced this season. It's just like going up against an offensive lineman to me."

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If he is still there by the third round, I say pick him up. I think I do remember that Gibbs wants to go pick a player based on need than take the best athlete available. Considering the Skins having the fifth pick, if we don't get a top 5 quality player, we should definitely trade down. By taking the best athlete available with the fifth pick, it should be Sean Taylor. Our second round pick, I think 37th overall, should be a RB. If Peters is still there by the 3rd round, he should be looked at closely.

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