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With the complete turnover of the coaching staff, the Skins have gone from the least experienced staff to probably the most experienced staff in the NFL. But, does it make a difference? Some of the coaches we hired have been out of football for awhile, so will that matter?

Gibbs, Bugel, Williams, Breaux, Burns, Simmons and Zampese all have between 10-15 years of NFL coaching experience where I think most of Spurrier's staff had less than 5 years of NFL experience.

Knowing how this league works does make a difference and the only way to find this out is to get experience. Spurrier's staff lacked that experience and got their a$$es handed to them. On the other foot, Gibbs' staff will probably have the most combined experience in the NFL but, does the lack of present-day experience for a couple of coaches matter?

I believe there will be an adjustment period but, Gibbs' general offensive system is still being used in the NFL. Gibbs is a master of adjusting his gameplan so I believe in the long run, the Skins will be fine.

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