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How dumb is Jackson?


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No, I'm not talking about the face lifts or whatever he has done to go from a Black man to an almost white.

I'm talking about him saying he was roughed up by the police when he went to turn himself in. I'm talking about him saying on 60 minutes that he was so roughed up he can't raise his arms. Well, check out the cnn story. Pay attention to the picture taken of him as he left. Stupid stupid man. I can almost understand not realising that he was being taped while he was in the station, BUT HE CAME OUT AND GAVE A PEACE SIGN TO THE CROUD. You can't pose for pictures with your arm up and then say you were roughed up so bad you couldn't raise your arms.

Stupid stupid man.

All of this completely ignores the ewwwey part where he says it's okay to sleep in the bed with children that aren't yours.


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