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Why couldn’t we play spoiler


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Today I saw teams that were not going to the playoffs play spoiler for teams trying to get home field advantage, make the playoffs, or improve playoff positioning!

The Saints upset the Cowboys who were trying to improve their positioning

The Lions upset the Rams who were trying to clench home field advantage in the NFC

The Browns beat their arch-rival Bengals who were tiring to win the AFC North and make the playoffs for the first time since 1990.

And in probably the best game of the day, the Cardinals come from behind in a game that they appeared to loose and beat the Vikings who all but had the NFC North Crown.

Then I look at our beloved Redskins, with nothing to play for lay down and die against the Eagles who were trying to win the NFC East.

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It is disappointing but representative of the poor and unmotivated performance we've seen all year.

Teams with nothing to lose in the last game of the season either play carefree and inspired football (see Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals), or they lay down and die like the dogs they are (see Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills). It is a good test of true character.

At least we get pick #5 for our "efforts".


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