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Did Bilichick make the score 31-0 on purpose?

Tom [Giants fan]

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I am sure you all remember that the Bills beat the Pats 31-0 in Week 1. Well, I think Bilichick holds grudges.

With the Pats up 28-0 and the ball deep in Buffalo territory, he suddenly changed his game plan. They were passing the ball up and down all day at will. When they got the ball deep in Buffalo territory, first and goal up 28-0, he started running the ball. He ran on three consecutive plays to set up fourth and goal. He sent out Vinatieri to kick a FG that made it 31-0. This was early in the third quarter. After that, the Pats didn't come close to scoring again.

Now at the end of the game, the Bills have first and goal at the Pats 1 with 17 seconds left and the Pats call a timeout. Next play, INT and the 31-0 score is preserved.

Coincidence? I think not. More like a grudge Bilichick needed to settle in his mind before the playoffs.

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