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A comparison of the Skins and Dallas, shows that the name of the game is coaching

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The Redskins currently have 3 DL under contract who are former first round picks. Russell, Upshaw and Wynn. Notice none of these guys were Redskin picks. The Cowboys have 2 #1 picks in Ellis and Ekuban. Of the rest of the DL on the Cowboys only Blade was a first day pick. However, ALL of the other DL on the Cowboys roster were drafted. Of the rest of the Redskins DL, only Zellner (rd4 '99), Chase (rd5 '98) and Haley (rd7 '99) were drafted, again, not by the Redskins.

I don't know what criteria your using to judge talent, inmate, but it clearly isn't draft position. You decry the Cowboys DL talent because it is the same as the one that went 5-11 last year. Well, aren't you guys playing the same line that went 7-9 last year? Oh, that's right, you got rid of the 2 starting DTs from that line (incidentally, the first DTs taken in their respective drafts).

I'm not going to defend the Redskins coaching staff, but with this defensive line, I'd say its more of a failure to squeeze blood from a turnip ... to make a silk purse out of sows ear ... to ... dammit, I can't think of another one. But I think you've got just as much of a personnel problem there as you do a coaching problem.

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