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ESPN ARTICLE - Spurrier's coaching changes?


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This is on ESPN.COM, along with a synopsis on Ramsey's surgery...just wondering about comments about the coaching style, and what we should do about assistant coaches...who should stay, who should go, etc.

Spurrier may shake up coaching staff

ESPN.com news services

Washington Redskins coach Steve Spurrier has plans for next season that some inside sources say include shaking up his own coaching staff, according to Wednesday's Washington Post.

Spurrier hasn't set out specific proposals, but said on Tuesday that he believes the team must make significant changes before next season, the newspaper reports.

Washington Redskins Coach Steve Spurrier said yesterday that he believes the team must make significant changes before next season.

"It seems pretty clear that something different has got to happen," Spurrier said. "But that's for after the season."

The former Florida Gators head coach will have led the 'Skins, now 5-9, to their second straight losing season even if the team wins in Chicago on Sunday and then beats the Eagles in the final game of the season. With two more wins, Spurrier's Redskins will merely tie their 2002 record.

"There are six or seven teams down below us," Spurrier told the Post on Tuesday. "I'm sure the coach of every one of them knows they can't just keep everything the same. You have your playoff contenders. You have your middle-of-the-road teams. Then there's 10 or 12 of us just trying to win games here at the end of the season. I would imagine we have to try something different."

Redskins owner Dan Snyder last week expressed his support for Spurrier, saying he will retain his coach.

Spurrier, in turn, has expressed support for his assistant coaches, says the newspaper, although this staff has the least NFL coaching experience of any in the league. However, Spurrier has indicated that certain coaches may be better off somewhere else. Spurrier's contract gives him the final say on the issue.

The coach said on his radio show this week that adding a few more experienced assistant coaches perhaps could spark the team. But Spurrier declined to be more specific about the sorts of staffing changes he might make. In terms of his own role, Spurrier has said he plans to be more strict in his coaching approach next season, according to the Post, since players often did not carry out assignments this season.

Spurrier may also have to improve his own play-calling and offensive philosophy. Though insistent that he'll continue with his traditional "Fun 'n' Gun" offense, this season Spurrier has often moved into a more conservative approach, only to confuse his players and leave them wanting more consistency.

The offensive flip-flip continues because Spurrier alternates as the primary play-caller with his offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, who is more run-oriented.

Spurrier approaches the 'Skins defense and special teams in the same way -- either focusing intently on them, or leaving them alone with their respective coaches.

Spurrier has also stated that he would like more control over player-related decisions, according to the Washington Post. In the past Snyder has struck most of the team's major free agent deals after the front office compiled a wish list of players to acquire by coordinating the team's scouting efforts.

This would mean that Spurrier would likely be involved in rebuilding the defensive line -- creating a quicker pass-rush and better tackles -- as well as finding a more effective running back, safety, tight end and linebacker.

Also, cornerback Champ Bailey and defensive tackle Darrell Russell are among the Redskins players eligible for unrestricted free agency, and the team must deal with the hefty contracts of linebacker LaVar Arrington and left tackle Chris Samuels.

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"Some of the coaches are better off somewhere else....."

So who has been out interviewing? Spurrier Jr. but then he said he's not going anywhere. Hue Jackson at Duke got shot down. Have Helton or Edwards been out interviewing? They may want to start.

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