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USA Today: Pro Football Hall of Fame to expand inductees class for 2020


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Pro Football Hall of Fame to expand inductees class for 2020



CANTON, Ohio (AP) — The Pro Football Hall of Fame will expand the number of potential inductees to 20 in 2020 as part of the NFL's celebration of its 100th season.

Calling it a centennial class, hall president David Baker said Friday five modern-day players, 10 seniors, three contributors and two coaches could be elected next year. The modern-day group would be decided by the 48 selection committee voters, as always, on the day before the Super Bowl in February.

The other 15 would be voted on as one bloc, not individually, by the selection committee. They would be chosen by a 25-member committee that will include Hall of Famers, historians and current voters.

Part of the 2020 class would be inducted in early August. The others would be enshrined about Sept. 17, 2020, the date that marks 100 years from the original NFL game.


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I am personally opposed to this.  I think expanding the eligible field for one year, cheapens the process.  I know they are just doing this for the 100th anniversary and since 15 of the 20 selections are either senior, contributors or coaches; they hope to get some players in, who are long overdue.


If they expanded for what is now up to 8 selections to maybe 10; that would've been fine.   



Also, for the non-modern players/coaches/contributors; voting on a block of 15, instead of individually is stupid. 


Peter King, in his weekly FMIA column explain that.  It's the first item in "10 Things I Think I Think" column.





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