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Snyders here is the problem, and don't do the same sh*t these teams do.


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Spurrier must become the HEAD COACH. Understand, the HEAD COACH. Let's go and hire a coordinator. We need Spurrier to start making his coaches accountable, and leaving a finger print on this team. The most interesting thing, or disturbing thing is that Spurrier might be the most expensive Offensive coordinator in the NFL. :gus: It's the little things that killing us. :doh: ANd if we get rid of SPurrier next year (man where di Spurrier balls go?) then get some coach with Head Coach NFL experience. Schot would have gotten us to the playoffs. Stop with the itchy trigger finger. :gus: :doh: :doh: :rolleyes: :moon:

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Spurrier was hired because of playcalling ability, I am not sure he would be willing to give up on that.

The Hue Jackson experiment only lasted 2 weeks.

Norv was an offensive coordinator first and a head coach 2nd, it seems like Spurrier follows that mold as well.

The sad and depressing thing is Spurrier so called strength(calling games) has been exposed at this level. He might be innovative at the college level, but he is frightenly predictable at the NFL level.

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