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12-27 Tailgate


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Where are you going to tailgate at, halter91?

If you don't have a place to tailgate, my I sergest F-51 of the Green stadium parking lot with the Dead Tree Crew and myself.

We are hardcore tailgaters. We are not for the fant of heart. If you want the maximum tailgate expearance, this is the place.

We welcome ALL Redskins fans, but beware, if you are an Eagle fan (for 12/27) you best find somewhere far, far, away from the DTC. If we see an Eagle fan, after we get done with him, wished he stayed home and not come near Fed-Ex Field.:laugh:

(It's all in fun.)

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f51...Done, Count me and my 4 boys in. I'll bring some wings and plenty of beer and since it will be cold a bottle of Irelands finest Jameson's Irish Whisky. I have Green Parking for the game. Email me the specifics. Where it is, What you guys bring(i don't want to bring the same things), and whaty time you guys get there. And if your an Eagles fan, NO IT"S NOT IN FUN!! I'M EVIL!! 700 level this, I eat you punks for lunch!!

Die Eagles Die, :eaglesuck :dallasuck :gaintsuck

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