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It's time to "win" the Cowboy's game


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So many years this board has the battle of losing out to get a higher draft pick or the importance of winning and building something.  Here's to a year that is not a concern and furthermore we can watch a Skins game and basically allow our hearts a small break from the stress this team has given us all over the years.


Flash back to the 2011 with me.  The skins beat the Giants twice that year.  It meant nothing to the Giants in the grand scheme of things when they decided to get hot and win the Super Bowl (**** Mara).  To the skins it dropped them to the 6th pick in the 2012 draft.  We would have been 3rd I believe if not for those wins and could have cost less to get Griffin (you never know, but I would think at least one 1st comes back our way).  All in the past, **** happens... I get it.


Now looking to this year.  The Cowboys will get a high draft pick, but have a good chance of dropping as many as 4 spots it seems. 


We've had a tough year on injuries.  We have many guys that have some nagging issues.  It is time to rest and treat this game as a bye week.  Help the Cowboys chances by playing back-ups (if we beat them that way so be it, I still want guys trying).  For once it's OK to look past this week.  Scout the playoff teams and get ready for a home playoff game.  Go Skins and the rest of the East can suck it.


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