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I know this might make me sound stupid or something, but I'm not that good with computers and was wondering how some of you guys have pictures underneath your posts? I have a cool picture that I wanted to use in my posts, but don't have the slightest clue how to get it on there. Can somebody be kind enough to provide me with some help ? Any directions would be much appreciated. Thanks :stupid:

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OK here's a tutorial for ya.

1. Put your cursor on the picture you like

2. right click

3. a dialog box should appear

3. Click on properties

4. highlight (click and drag) the address or URL. It usually begins with http and ends with jpeg or gif.

For example the URL for the pic in Skeletors sig file above is...


You need to highlight the entire url.

5. Copy the url (ctrl c)


IMPORTANT:In the example below I will use the < and > symbols for illustrative purposes. Please replace them with brackets [ ]when you actually add your images.


6. Paste the url (ctrl v) between the ubb tags as shown in step seven below.

7. type in the left bracket [ then type img followed by the right bracket ]. Paste (ctrl v) your picture's url then type in the left bracket [ followed by the back slash / followed by img and the right bracket ].

When you're finished it should look like this:

<img>paste the url you copied in step 5 here</img>

remember to replace...

< with [ and

> with ]

...in the above.

8. enjoy.

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