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Prediction: If We Don't Sign Woeful Spurrier Will Quit Before The End Of The Year


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We do not have a backup quaterback right now. Woeful, weak arm and all, is without question our best option -- he was a better option than Rob Johnson before he got cut. If we don't sign him, it's only because Snyder is overruling Spurrier (again) and to the detriment of the team (again). I mean, wouldn't you be tempted to quit?

I know there are a lot of Woeful bashers our there -- there should be. The guy isn't anywhere near good. But does anyone honestly think Tim Hasselbeck, who on top of lacking great physical skills knows NOTHING about this offense, would do better than Woeful if called upon?

What a circus. I love the skins and always will, but the Danny (if you believe just a tenth of what you read) is doing his best to turn this great franchise into the Arizona Cardinals -- just with more fans and a higher payroll. Oh, and I guarantee the Cardinal's backup qb is better than Tim Hasselbeck.

I really hope Woeful's phone rings.

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