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Looking for someone to split my Upper Level Seats with


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Anyone interested in splitting my upper level seats? 5/5   They are in section 429, row 8 on the aisle  (40 yard line) (will try to move down a few rows during the upgrade period)


Also have Green B3 parking, though not sure I'm going to keep it this year.


Total cost is 2,273.00 (so $1136.5 split)  or $936.5 if we skip parking.


I would need to be paid during each payment plan month or a lump sum up front (up to you) but will not wait until tickets are shipped because last year I tried that and the person bailed on me when it came time for him to pay.


Let me know.


 - Howard

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Ended up keeping my existing seats after speaking with friends and the ticket office, there were not many options available and I would have had to move from the 40 yard line.  Anyways here is another picture of where my seats are located from the pick a seat website.  Still looking to split the season with someone.

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