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Redskins Interview Bengals Jay Gruden

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its official jay gruden is our coach there getting the band back together .the must have visited the penguin ,had a vision ,went on a mission from god ,this reminds me of the gibbs 81 hire ,hope this ends up with superbowl wins instead of hoe the blues brothers movie ended .

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So we hired a Head Coach. Good for Jay Gruden. He's earned a shot at the top job. Now if a Chain Of Command is not in place it won't mean a thing. The players (All of the players to include RGIII) need to be told that Dan and Bruce are off limits unless they go through Jay first. This is the way it should be. If not we might as well sit and watch the same ole teams we have seen in the past.

To you Bruce Allen....I saw your Dad coach and know you spent a lot of time around some of the greats of the game. You know how your Dad ran his teams.....Take a page or two from his book and run with it,

Hail To The Redskins, Fan from days of Great

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