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Tv Coverage (Pre-Game) Tonight's Game In D


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Well, I don't know about you but I doubt I will watch much of the pregame tonight.  I can see how's it's coming down already as though I'm carnak the great.   Let me gaze into the crystal ball!


It will be mostly about Toney Romo sits to pee:


... this will be Toney's night.   

....hall of fame numbers but....

...he's ready for a break-out year!

...he can prove last year was a fluke

...he know's he has to play smarter

...he's learned from the past 


I bet if you add up the air time about D .vs. R it will be 2-1 D.  


Ok folks what else if you gaze into your crystal ball will pr-game say about Dallas, that is a joke!



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