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Jim Haslett Full Transcript: 09/19

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here is part of the transcript of hasellets press conference


i'll comment below


On the importance of keeping a steady demeanor when a team is struggling:
“I’m always the same through the good times and the bad times, but I believe the way our guys are working, and we went through this last year, that we’ll find a way out of it. I thought we made great improvement this week. We just had a few things go wrong, but in the run game we were much better. I thought we did a good job in that part. We could have done even better. I’ll stay the same through the whole thing.”
Yep! he looks dumbfounded with a lost, blank look on his face !
On if this year feels similar to last year:
“I don’t know. I don’t gauge it that way, I just gauge it by what I see.”
Yep! defense sucks this year too! got the the slowest coach ever  to figure out adjustments 
On adjusting during games:
“You do that throughout the game. I thought we made adjustments throughout the game. We went in with a plan, changed it, they changed, we changed back. We actually adjusted four, five, six times trying to counterpunch what they were doing throughout the game.”
well if that happened it didn't work we lost the game(s) and are 0-3
On if his use of the defensive backs is related to game plans or personnel:
“That’s something you have got to kind of figure out. We just tried to utilize our players based on what they come out in and what kind of personnel they are using. I think we have some flexibility with the secondary. Some safeties can play corner and vice versa. We just try to utilize our players the best we can to give us our best matchup.”
well he seemed not to have figured that out yet  either!!!
don't mean to sound negetive, its just my observation on the defensive play and coaching so far this year !!!
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