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Snyder haters?

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I think someone already posted the link above in a previous post. Anyways, this person clearly does not like Dan Snyder. What's wrong with a boy hood fan buying his favorite team. So he made some mistakes, this was his first time owning a team. He's corrected it by hiring a football guy and giving him the keys to the car.

I didn't understand when he came to midfield last year why so many fans booed him. He was presenting Joe Gibbs, Dexter Manley, and Art Monk with an appreciation award.

He raisded the tickets prices, but compared to the league and the demend there was the market for it. So he added more premium seats, there was the opportunity to make more money, infact when the stadium opened it wasn't complete. The guy even installed exterior escalators. At least our stadium isn't named after a .dot com that went belly up or after something weak like Snuggles Stadium or Tampax Field.

I know it sounds like I'm defending him, well I guess I am but I don't understand why the majority hates him. He's doing what's in the best intrest for the team and the organization NOW. I wonder if we took a poll what it would be. I like him a hell of a lot more that John Kent Cook and more so then Jerrah Jones.

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Not me... I've never been a Snyder-hater. I have disagreed with some of the moves he made... and there are definitely some bad apples working under him in the front office.

However, I absolutely believe that he LOVES the redskins and has a deep passion for winning and giving a quality product. Snyder blew several million on the new escalators to the 400 level... this is money he did NOT EVER have to spend considering the 50,000+ waiting list for tickets. He did it just to give the fans better access.

Plus, we've seen that he DOES learn from his mistakes, and is finding that being out of the spotlight is suiting him just fine.

No human is perfect... So I will certainly grant Snyder his fair share of mistakes. Lets all remember that the same guy who hired Joe Gibbs is also the same guy who hired and THEN re-upped Norv's contract.

I love the hiring of Marty, and I hope that Dan continues on the new trend of surrounding himself with QUALITY football men.

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Look at it this way. Jack Kent Cooke was loved by the fans because under his stewardship the Redskins had their greatest success winning 3 out of 4 Super Bowls. Until Dan Snyder produces a Lombardi Trophy for the fans he will have detractors. Winning has a tendancy to win people over. Give Snyder some time and I think you'll find people will come to appreciate all he has done for the Redskins. I sincerely believe Snyder and Schottenheimer will win a Super Bowl together. Maybe not this year but soon they will win a Super Bowl.


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We haven't won a superbowl since 91. This is Danny's 2nd season here and without the huge amount of injuries probably would have made it to the big dance in his 2nd season of ownership.

We could have kept loveable slacker son John Cooke

and became the Bengals of the East coast

Actually next year is where you can say this is Danny's Team when the personnell and office turnovers should be finally be in place.



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