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NFL.Com: Rookie QB Rankings Season in Review: RG3 on Top


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When I started this weekly rookie quarterback review, I didn't expect to be treated to the most successful, productive rookie class in NFL history. I never thought three first-year starters would make the NFL playoffs.

For this week's episode, I'm going to deviate from the usual format of ranking on the previous week's performance only. Let's recap and rank the entire season, with a highlight clip from my favorite performance of the season.

1. Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

RG3 had my Rookie of the Year vote two weeks ago. Nothing has changed my mind since. Griffin came into the NFL with veteran traits: consistency, smarts and great decision-making. He was efficient and accurate from Day 1. It's insane to see a rookie lead the league in fewest interceptions per throw and yards per attempt. His play-fakes and zone-read ability keyed the Redskins' No. 1 rushing attack.

Recurring themes: I went back and read my notes for the whole season looking for common threads. From the get-go, Griffin's speed stuck out, not just on his runs but how quickly he pulls the trigger on throws. His accuracy stands apart from the other rookies. He leads receivers well. He bounces up after taking big hits. His deep ball is a thing of beauty. He occasionally didn't know when to give up a play, which led to sacks and too many fumbles.

Throw in Griffin's 815 rushing yards and seven scores, and it wasn't that tough a decision to rank him first based on the entire season. Griffin's highs weren't as high as Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson's, but there practically were no dips in Griffin's play. Griffin ranked first for the week among rookies five times, which actually is once less than Luck. But RG3 was second another seven times. Only three times in 15 starts was Griffin not one of my top two quarterbacks for the week. For comparison, Luck finished third or lower seven times. Wilson was third or lower eight times. Griffin was the only rookie who didn't have a week where he finished fifth.

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