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Who will it be this year?

Hog Fever

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You know that one guy who always seems to pop up in pre season that you root for to make the team?

I remember last year, for some Skins fans, it was the WR from Canada (I don't even remember his name now).

For me it was Chad Dukes. That guy played with a lot of heart. For my regular game watching bud, it was Stiggers.

The question is: Who will be that guy this year? Sure, we're all going to be watching the obvious guys but I need a dark horse to root for. It makes the pre season more interesting.

After tonight’s game I'll have an idea of who that player is this year. If my track record means anything it will be the kiss of death for the poor guy. Let the pre-season begin!

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Guest Trevor

Nigel Williams was the player from Canada I believe.

I would have to say that I am pulling for Latef Grim to make the squad. I think he's the type of possesion receiver that will find a spot in the league and I hope it's with us.

About last year. I must have been one of the only if not the only non-supporter of Chad Dukes. Never thought the kid would amount to much. I would say last year the player that I wanted to make it the most was the punter, Rodney Willims I think his name was. I just didn't want Barnhardt on the team, but to my suprise he did rather well considering the how poor our special teams were.

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I believe Kenny Watson and Willie Spencer may be the sentimental favorites. Both have made some plays in camp. I'm pleased to hear Sessions is playing well (I didn't see him do much of anything when I was at camp, but the scrimmages aren't designed for LBs to show off).

It's really, really difficult for a center to make much impression in camp, but I'd like to think Brandt, the kid out of Michigan, has a shot. Also, keep an eye out for Martavious Houston. He made some mistakes when I saw him, but he also made some plays. He looked like he belonged in an NFL camp.

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I read a little blurb about how Dom Capers, the head coach of next year's Houston Texans, was in camp this week and Marty pointed out 1 or 2 WR's to him who he thought were good but who might not make the cut simply because of numbers. They didn't identify the players of course, but Grimm, Skaggs and Thompson come to mind.


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