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"2-minute offense" ... or not


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The end of the half performance of our offense was a perfect illustration of why this team is average at best with the current brain trust in charge. I refer to the QB / OC combination.

That was about as embarrassing and futile as any offensive series, under the circumstances, as I've ever seen.

From the unwillingness and/or inability to go beyond 10 yards with the ball, to the inaccuracy of the pass, to spiking the ball on 3rd down, all go to show just how far we are from fielding a competent NFL offense.

Too damn bad, too, because I get the sense that if and when we ever DO figure out how it's done at this level, this team has a chance to be pretty good.

Jimmy Raye and Tony Banks ... a marriage made in mediocrity. One has to wonder if good counseling is enough, or if a divorce is inevitable.

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If they divorce does that mean one of them stays here? Perhaps them staying together and going somewhere else is a better option. smile.gif

Raye's offensive schemes leave much to be desired. I hope Marty has the nads to ax him after this season. We're a decent offense away from the playoffs but it ain't gonna happen with this guy running it. "This guy" can be Banks and/or Raye ... whomever you want to insert.

[edited.gif by Brave on December 23, 2001.]

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