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Vote Now: Do You Want The Redskins To Draft RG3 With The 2nd Pick Of The 2012 Draft?


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Disclaimer: I know, I know yet ANOTHER RG3 thread! While I love the one going now, and check it throughout the day, I'm NOT trying to create another discussion thread. The poll in that thread is from January and based more on a whether our interest in RG3 is a "smokescreen" or not. Based on what I've read here, while it seems like most of us are on board with drafting RG3, I know that not all of us are. I've checked the Browns message board and they too are torn on moving up to the #2 pick. I'd love to know what percentage of loyal :logo: faithful are on board and which are opposed. I know it could depend on how much we'd have to give up and other various factors, but I'd love to simply know "Yes" or "No" for trading up to the #2 pick to select RG3.

Mods, if this is not "New Thread" worthy, I apologize from the depths of my soul and please feel free to merge or delete. Again, I'm not trying to create another discussion thread. If it's possible, and I don't know if it is, if this could just be a thread to vote in and not comment in, that would be great!


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