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Ready to kick this off! (READ!!!!!)


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Make sure you remember ALL rules!

There are 27 people signed up that I know which team that picked, so to be fair to the others and not hold them up, we're starting sooner rather than later. I will add the players that get to me later after they sign up for League Manager, etc.

Schedule your games IN THE WEEKLY THREAD so I KNOW both players have a set time!

I will post a new thread in here every advance! (I'll post on Facebook in the group also so everyone that's not on ES can see it)

I'll also post an individual thread for free agency and trades!

We have a trade committee that consists of 5 people:

1. Joe Gibbs Is Back Again (FASTEDDIE21)

2. c4man5282 (c4man5282)

3. The Cowboy Bamma Rocker (MattyFelp_DC)

4. Not on ES (ECPoison)

5. Not on ES (airmeljr)

If one of the 5 people aren't able to vote for whatever reason, I will be the deciding vote. :evilg: :silly:

I'll also be the deciding vote if one of the members of the committee is involved in the trade.

If two members of the committee are involved in a trade, the remaining 3 will vote. (Majority rules in all cases.)

I've sent invites to SOME on here, not all, because every time I try to send an invite, I get kicked off, SO, if you didn't get an invite, search the franchise (ES Madden) and join it. The password is "PM me for it". LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU ARE IN THE FRANCHISE SO I CAN MARK YOU OFF!

c4man5282 also knows the password, so you can PM him also if I don't get back to you quickly!

Make sure you pick the team you drafted. :D

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