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New Skinscast Episode - Opportunity missed


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The Redskins entered last Sunday in the driver's seat in the division, climbing the power rankings and favored to kick an Eagles team down on their luck. Four interceptions later, Washington was the victim of yet another homegrown embarrassment, with a quarterback controversy and two starting lineman out to injury.

This week the boys look at the Philadelphia game and what it really means for the team. Is this just a minor setback, or a sign of who this team really is?

The writers are back this week, and they look at the decision to name John Beck the new starting quarterback - why the change was made - and how much rope the new kid gets.


Also available at www.footballnewsnow.com

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Dammit JP!

Did you let Reffkin put this broken link up? And the sites no better. The last it's showing is the pre-Eagles show from two weeks back.

Fix it ASAP! Or I'ma tell Murph!


What in the name of Buford T. Justice are you talking about Sir? Listening to it now and it's rocking the party.

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This will work too:


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*Mental Note: ALWAYS make sure mute is off ..... What? It's been a LONG day. And technology skeers me. And, and ..... I blame Jack! **** like this never happened when Baker was around.

*Skulks out with head hung low to listen.


Ha! Classic...

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