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Video: Redskins zone blocking and Passing game by Greg Cosell


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Was alerted to this by Rich Tandler who mentioned it here


Here's the page on the Eagles website where you can watch both videos in which Cosell evaluates Torain, HT and Helu while breaking down how and why the zone run game plays work.


Also he breaks down a couple of pass plays featuring Santana and Fred Davis and a few elements of each play.

Pretty interesting stuff.

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Cool video . . . . but hard for me to take seriously a guy who doesn't even know our players and calls Mike Sellers our starting FB.

"As you see Chris Cooley is playing FB. With Mike Sellers injured, Colley has filled in this position nicely."

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We're limited at the WR position. I think that's the main thing. We do have a good dynamic at RB, though. It just sucks that HT hasn't shown more. He's disappointed me. I wish Helu would get more carries. Get on that pass pro, Roy.

But yeah, the play design is smart and a few less mistakes here or there and that offense could really roll.

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