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Pool Table for sale (Burgundy felt)


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----This has been sold----


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Skins fans,

I am selling my Burgundy felted pool table and wanted to posted it on here in hopes that it will go to a good "Redskins Room" home. If not being the center piece of a Redskins Room, it would be nice to know that it's going to be used by a Redskins fan. Because of the bye week, it would be a great time to have the weekend to transport, set up and get prepared for a party for the Eagles game on the 16th. Please let me know if you have any questions.

It's a 7 foot, slate, drop pocket, newly re-felted pool table for sale (Pick-up only) and I am asking for $650/OBO. It is currently located in the Herndon/Chantilly VA area.

It’s a Brunswick “Bristol II” and is very easy to move. It has just been re-covered (re felted) with high quality Burgundy (Maroon) felt. Also included are cues, balls & a number of accessories all noted below. This table is sort of unique because it is playable even in some relatively small areas. It is the typical sized table you would find in a bar and is currently in a room that is 11 1/2’ x 15 1/2’.

The slate is 3/4 inch and is 3 pieces which are bolted into a wooden frame. This is convenient because the slate does not need to be re-set and leveled. If you need to move it in 3 pieces though, it’s easy to unbolt from the frame. The rails are in great shape with no dry rot or dead spots. Setup/break down is very easy and all you need is a ratchet.

I did not have the new felt attached to the slate yet just in case someone wants to move it in 3 pieces. If that is the case, it is very easy to attach the felt and I can show someone how to do it, it’s actually surprisingly simple. However, if you will be transporting it as one piece (3 slate pieces & wooden frame) and you would like the felt attached, I can have that done with no problem, just let me know. Honestly, if you have a hand truck, the slate table top is better to move as one piece in most cases and could be carried by 2 people (3 preferred).

Transportation and is very easy. It breaks down to the legs, the slate (3 pieces bolted to a wooden frame) and the rails/pockets attached as one framed piece. All of it can be moved in a standard pickup truck and lifted by two (preferably 3+) people. All pieces can be transported in and out of a standard door. It’s currently in the basement on the ground floor with a walk-out door, so pickup will be easy. A truck can be pulled to within 20 feet of the door.

The accessories included are: Pool balls, 6 cues (one $200 cue, 2 smaller cues), Bridge , Chalk, Tip pick & scuff, Felt cleaner, Corner cue rack, Table brush, Rail brush, Extra cue tips.

NOTE: In all the pictures, the felt on the rails is attached but the felt on the table is not attached yet, for a reason (see above). Also, the pic with the cues on the table is added to show the cue size of the smaller cues (across the table) along with the standard cue (length-wise).


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