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Is there any college that consistently produces NFL QB's like Michigan?


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I mean, look at the ones who are starting now:




None of these guys are the physical specimens, and none of them is a super star, but they all have a very strong command of the game. Says something about the ability of the program to develop QB's. It also supports using a low round pick on a flier to develop a solid backup or starting QB.

Out of interest, has there been a starter at Michigan in the last decade who isn't in the NFL (except for Henson, who was looking like the consensus #1 pick before going to the Yankees)?

I'm not a big Wolverines fan, but it definitely is an interesting situation.

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In the 80s Miami was churning QBs out pretty steadily. Kelly, Kosar, Testeverde.

It's funny, I wouldn't think of Michigan as the type of program to develop QBs so well. With the emphasis on big, beefy O-lines and strong running games you would think the QBs would be more of an afterthought, but they have come out of there playing pretty well. Of course, big O-lines and good running games ARE a QBs best friend, so maybe there's something to that after all. smile.gif

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Michigan QBs that have found success in the NFL are actually a pretty recent phenomenon. Just a few years ago, it was often commented how remarkable it was that there were no successful Wolverine quarterbacks, given that the program had produced so many excellent pros at other positions.

Stanford has always been considered a great school for NFL quarterbacks because they have traditionally embraced a pro-style offense. That's probably why Todd Husak will continue getting chances to catch on somewhere.

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Florida and Florida State, who also run pro style offenses have put a lot of QB's in the NFL, although they haven't usually excelled. Washington State has also put their share in (Rosenbach, Rypien, Bledsoe), though not really in the last 8 years or so. Notre Dame's QB's usually get looks in the NFL (insert joke here), and Purdue also has has successful QB's in the NFL. And of course, there's BYU.

You're probably right, if you had to grade schools who currently have QB's in the NFL, Michigan is the best.


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