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WP: Redskins’ Ryan Kerrigan navigates the complexities of the modern NFL


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Three Fridays ago, indecipherable hieroglyphics littered the whiteboards that cover the walls of the defensive meeting room at Redskins Park, non sequiturs scattered everywhere – “gold” and “rip” and “liz” and “lamb.” The season hadn’t yet started.

All this apparent confusion — 21 different coverages and 38 different blitzes, and that’s just in the Washington Redskins’ “sub” package, used mostly on third downs — had to be drilled and distilled by all 25 defensive players, from 14-year veteran London Fletcher to one rookie, a starter from the day he walked in the building. Never mind that he wasn’t a month past his 23rd birthday

My goodness there's a lot of work required :yikes:

Kerrakpo will be terrorizing offenses for the next decade+ :fingersx: :point2sky

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