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For Sale: 2 Jets at Redskins Sec 124 row 16 - $262 - can add Green Pass for $42.


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Pair of seats in Section 124 row 16 for $262 - Paypal prefered (buyer pays fees) + $6 to ship OR

can meet at the ES tailgate and do business w/ me or my brother face to face with cash.

PM me if you want to buy them. If you buy through the mail, I'll throw in a "i root for Washington and i like SONNY" bumper sticker as well.

A green parking pass is available if the buyer of the tickets wants to buy it for $42. If the buyer of the tickets does NOT want the green pass. I have another buyer who already wants it.

Truth in pricing statement:

Face value on these seats is $109 and are marked up 20% (took a bath on the Tampa Bay game for these seats). This complies with the ES pricing rules. These seats are listed on stubhub for considerably more, though the net profit is not much more.

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